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Music of the Week

2009-05-23 19:08:09 by hhcash

Recommendations of the week. Mostly post-rock, experimental, and electronica, since that what I'm most into at the moment. I've included a Green Day and U2 song from their new records, the one I consider to be the best on each record (21st Century Breakdown and No Line On The Horizon). Definitely check at the last 3 though.

10. Explosions in The Sky - Look Into the Air
9. Green Day - 21 Guns
8. Animal Collective - Bees
7. Ulver - Nowhere/Catastrophe
6. Mogwai - Batcat
5. Pelican - Drought
4. U2 - Fez - Being Born
3. Bjork feat. Thom Yorke - I've Seen It All
2. M83 - Kim & Jessie
1. Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla


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