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So sick of eco-unfriendly people.....

2009-07-11 00:56:36 by hhcash

There's several rain barrels around downtown, on top of each one there's a pantyhose-like texture to absorb water. Each rain barrel is entirely covered with trash.

Why don't people care about their children?


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2009-07-11 01:07:27

I care about my children. :3


2009-07-11 01:42:59

it's like the world has to crack up and be destroyed just so they would do something about it.


2009-07-11 04:10:22

Im so tired of people not giving a shit about there future! They liv for today but dont want to liv for the next one


2009-07-22 00:21:16

I know, right... why not clean it out and fix things up for a change? don't forget the saying "one affects all"