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Posted by hhcash - October 25th, 2008

1. He's always late to the game.
2. He always "ruins it", whether it's a joke or other.
3. He always questions inside jokes.
4. He should deposit more.
5. He can get cocky is some ways.
6. He always asked or confirms what people are talking about.
7. When you call him a douche, he asks why he's a douche.
8. He needs to cut his hair.
9. He's too full of himself. He often talks out of his ass.
10. He likes Dream Theater.

Let's all message Wade to try to get his account deleted.

Posted by hhcash - October 20th, 2008

Welcome to my new line of reviews for Moderators! This is America, (sorry BBM), and that mean FREEDOM OF OPINION AND SPEECH! (so poosy plz dont ban) Also I don't give a shit is his posts were "reseted" or whatever the fuck happened.

Month of November 2008, review for EyeLovePoozy:

With a popin' 2k+ posts, and an average 1.13 average post per day, this cranky crane operator does not seem to have enough experience in the posting industry, as most mods seem experienced in their posting, with normally over 10,000 posts overall that cover all kinds of topics that are written by witty wegulars of the Newgrounds Forums.

Now Poozy's social control is was makes this posting industry a drag, as a correct punishment would be a simple deletion or locking of the topic and a warning. Normally in this case the maker of the topic will back away. But the harsh Poozy will not be fooled. He will exaggerate the simple bannable rules of the BBS and extends them into bannings for silly things. He seemingly does not let anyone let the BBS pee around in childish matter, but joking, Poozy takes it serious, and bans, bans, and bans. And also listens to a bans on his iTunes. For example, a spam thread before Poozy would be like "wehitbailerbivq5fgq4" but now a spam thread to him is just a silly statement that can get a few laughs and maybe responses.

Rating: 3.9/10

Posted by hhcash - July 29th, 2008

You are all my best friends. Ever single one of you.