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Posted by hhcash - April 18th, 2009

This is the set of stages to take in the world of vegetarianism/veganism. Some of these stages I urge you to take, even if you are not willing to be a vegetarian. Also each of these stages applies to all the the previous stages (for example if you chose stage 3, you would also be taking stages 2 and 1), of course.

Stage 1:
Respect your meat. Cook it well, share it, enjoy it as much as possible.

Stage 2:
Do not waste meat ever. If there is still meat on your plate when you get full, don't put the leftover meat in the garbage. Put it in the fridge to eat for lunch some other day or feed it to your pet.

Stage 3:
Do not wear fur, or use animal skins as rugs.

Stage 4:
Refuse to eat baby animals, such as calves (veal, or baby cows) and lamb. Not only is it sick to eat an innocent baby animal, but the meat industry exploits baby animals double as much as their adult counterparts. Why? Well first of all, they are not nearly as smart as adult animals, and animals being "dumb" is the main reason people that work at meat industries get frustrated and turn to physical abuse of the innocent animal. Also, baby animals often cry, because they are separated from their mothers and are given artificial milk. Because they cry, they are often abused. Finally, because the meat industry wants baby animals (particularly veal) to be as tender as possible, they are placed in a contraption where they never touch the ground.

Stage 5:
Do not eat KFC, McDonalds, or any other fast-food restaurant with overly processed meat.

Stage 6:
Do not eat pig (bacon, pork). Why, because they're amazing! Studies show the average adult pig is as smart as the average 3-year old human. They are actually very clean also.

Stage 7:
Do not eat any animals, excluding fish and shellfish. (Pescetarian)

Stage 8:
Do not eat any animals. (Vegetarian)

Stage 9:
Do not eat animals, honey, gelatin, or lard. Do not wear or use wool.

Stage 10:
Do not eat animals, eggs, honey, gelatin, lard, or any chemical that comes from animals. Do not use or wear leather.

Stage 11:
Do not use any animal products of any kind. (Vegan)

Thanks for reading, I hope everyone here takes up one of these stages, it would really make a difference, even the first stage. I wrote this myself.

Posted by hhcash - April 15th, 2009

Spike TV is the most manly channel on television. I can just feel the testosterone whenever I don't watch wrestling on Disney Channel when I was -3 years old living with my grandparents. I'm also a blanket.

Posted by hhcash - April 10th, 2009

I saw this a long time ago, but I'll write a review anyway.

The typical rated-R comedy, a good example being the 40-Year-Old Virgin, features a man who just can't get the ladies, so his friends use tactics to get him hooked up. In I Love You, Man, it seems to be the same premise, except switched around. Peter Klaven, the protagonist, just got engaged to a fine lady. One day, he overhears his fiance, who has many lady friends, talk about how Peter basically doesn't have any friends. His fiance actually says "I think his best friend is his mom". This is when Peter, who has been a ladies man his entire life, realizes he needs to get some guy friends. Oh, and Andy Samburg (The Lonely Island) plays Peter's gay brother.

The film's humor mostly came from awkwardness. If you enjoy people humiliating themselves by being awkward to other characters, you will find this movie to be very funny, because it is mostly delivered well. However, of all the jokes in this movie only resulted in short bursts of laughter in my part.

The rest of the aspects of the film were mediocre. Some scenes seemed to drag on too long, especially the very last scene. Andy Samburg played a terrible gay guy, even though I kind of know it was supposed to be subtle, and he wasn't very funny. Some references were carried on too much, such as the band Rush. And of course, it was very predictable.

Score: 5.5/10

Posted by hhcash - March 15th, 2009

Sup dudes, this is a poem i wrote a while ago. Like most of my poetry, this one, in theory, is very abstract, and represents a bleak, completely irrational situation in the point of view of an innocent human victim. It's not a metaphor of reality, as it's just a story of a trippy, dytopian world out there.

Too deep to view
possible failures
The Cause of revelation
Is this a dream?
Why is everything always changing?

Nothingness turns to dust
that fills up our lungs
with anxiety

Memories from the future
Scratch marks that make pretty shapes
Clouds laugh
before spitting rain at you
You Feel it go right through you
then Everything becomes transparent
Even though Everything is still there
It's just that
You Aren't.

Posted by hhcash - March 1st, 2009

I need recommendations for really good movies. I mean, not stupid movies, I mean actual movies. In particular, the overlooked and underrated movies, since I've seen most of the major good movies.

k thnx bi

Posted by hhcash - February 21st, 2009

The circle you draw
is perfectly round
but as you draw,
you stumble and fumble
on those tricky edges.

One Day, you came inside to finish your perfect circle
only to see that it was already completed
and smiling at you

with a Frown, you slowly degenerate to nothing.

Posted by hhcash - February 15th, 2009

High fructose corn syrup runs through our veins. Our brain is run by caffeine molecules. Our immune system is entirely composed of ginseng. We are Human Dew, aliens from a galaxy far, far away to use the humanoids' creation of "Flash" as a tool to invade open the Portal and unleash Dew-Clones through the mouths of all humans on Earth, causing all semen to die. Once humans are extinct due to no ball fish swimming around filthy human flesh, we will push the Earth, using 3 trillion tons of carbonated water, into the Sun so all the scavengers and micromolecules left perish in eternal hellfire.

Dew Crew Productions:
Coming Soon to a computer screen near you.

Posted by hhcash - February 15th, 2009

....one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. Last night I was browsing Netflix, when I came across an old cult film that I fell in love with when I was a in elementary school: Steven Spielberg's A.I.

I remembered every single one of the bleak, atmospheric (and yes, spectacular) moments that arose in this futuristic, strangely amazing film that separated me from reality and changed my life.

Then I remembered, It's been so long since I last saw it, yet I remember so much; it is the greatest movie I've ever seen.

Posted by hhcash - February 11th, 2009

Here is a poem, I wrote it in about 10 to 15 minutes. I will have to recite it in front of my English class tomorrow. It's really not much, just a tale of my laziness. What do you think?:

Today is the first day
of the rest of my life

Yet when the enthusiastic sun and sky
light up the world of life
I do nothing
except shove away
and ignore
the call it has offered.
Then I return to my serene daze
of my own world

In complete isolation
with complete lack of energy.

Then comes the time
where many's days are halfway done
but mine, has only begun.

Posted by hhcash - February 8th, 2009

1. Anti-Socialism:
Probably one of the very few liberal views I despise, which is socialism. For those who don't know what socialism is, it is a system of social stratification views which roots come from Communism. Socialists believe that the economically lower-class should be benefited by taking money through taxes from people of high class, through systems such as welfare.

I've seen bashed in school for my anti-socialism views, in my town, which is probably one of the most liberal towns in America. I am aware and feel sorry for all the people who have lost their jobs in the recession, but I hate to tell you the truth: too bad. Go and try to find a job or go live with your friends or family before immediately turning to unemployment checks. There are still TONS of people out there that get filed for unemployment because they're been fired for legitimate reasons, and trust me, I know this coming from a son of two upper-middle class employer parents.

What I'm trying to say, is that Stratification will teach lazy people and people who have done stupid things, such as hard drugs, that they have to deal with their own problems, not taking money from people who have worked hard during their lifetime. No longer should the stupid or the unfortunate should be benefited by the government, and no longer should tax payers money go to other peoples' mailboxes.

2. Atheism:
Science is the only true answer to all of biotic and abiotic life on this external universe. Souls do not exist, just complex science that gives us all personality, emotions, and knowledge. The only mystery this universe has ever faced is the origin of science.

3. Strict punishment for the mentally insane:
This one will be hard to accomplish. In modern law systems, evidence must be present even if everyone knows a suspect is guilty of a crime that is so cruel and vile it makes people like me puke. Being "mentally insane" is not an excuse for doing cruel crimes like killing or abusing children and doing sick, torturous things to anyone. The reason I say this will be hard to accomplish is because only a handful of people have the skill to detect the mentally insane. The mentally insane should not be in jail with a chance of getting out. They should not be breathing our fresh air or eating our food or drinking our water. Criminals with extreme, first-degree crimes shall be punished by
death. Then the corpse shall be cremated and stored somewhere. Their dead weight should not be on our grounds.

Basically, if any of you have ever seen the anime Death Note, I strongly agree with Light Yagami and his views on criminals, except I'm not crazy. It's just all the evil in the world.... I can't take it.

4. Left-Hand Path:
First, let me give background information. There 3 different religious paths: The Right-Hand Path, The Central Path (I made this one up), and the Left-Hand Path. The Right-Hand Path is the most common of religion groups. It involves belief of spirits and/or the afterlife, and a belief of a god(s). This includes Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc. This religion type has the most history.

Then there is the Central Path, Which I don't know if it exists or not, but I would say that the Central Path would involve a very "neutral" stance of religion, such as Agnosticism. I would also say Atheism can also be characterized as the Central Path.

Then there is the Left-Hand Path... the most taboo and stereotyped religion types of all time. Because the world is prominently Right-Hand Path, I would say 98% of the world is completely ignorant of what the Left-Hand Path really is. In truth, the Left-Hand Path categorizes all their beliefs into one statement: you are your own god.

Here are some of the beliefs of the Left-Hand Path, and views I strongly follow:

1. Life Perfection
2. Development of Wisdom and all 9 Intelligence types
3. Anti-Conformity/Individualism
4. Religion shall not be placed in the government in any way
5. Kindness to those who deserve it, pain for those who don't
6. Acceptance of the carnal existence of humans as just another animal...and working to utilize all that humans are capable of
7. Complete freedom of will

So yes, The Left-Hand Path, which is known mostly for the spectacular philosophy LeVeyan Satanism, has actually nothing to do with being evil... only seeing the evil in all humans.

5. Anti-War:
I am a pacifist when it comes to the means of war with other countries. Most wars are unnecessary and only end up with thousands of people KIA, and all their friends and families at home devastated. Not only are families ruined due to misconstricted grudges, but war only results in billions of dollars to be spent for the war to take place, which is forced from the hard-earned cash from hard working citizens. Because of the Iraq War, our country is in a shithole of reputation. War is never the answer.

6. Equality for All
I don't care what race you are, what gender you are, or what sexual orientation you are, all people deserve equal rights for everything as everyone else. This one will definitely be accomplished now with Obama in the oval office.